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TIPS: Getting Your Home Ready For the Home Inspection



·        Make sure your door bell is functional.

Home Inspection Pine, Colorado Main electrical service line

During the home inspection it was noted that the main electrical service line was only about 3 feet above the ground. This is a serious safety and fire hazard and should be corrected ASAP.

Home Inspection Pine, Colorado Wood Stove Flue

I inspected the wood burning stove flue from the roof. I am amazed that there has not been a flue fire. There was approximately 3 inches of creasote build up inside the flue. Obviously recommended that the flue be swept and inspected prior to any further stove use.

Home Inspection Centennial, Co. Electrical Distribution Panel

This Zinsco distribution panel was found during a condominium inspection in Centennial Colorado. Zinsco panels are reputed to have a high rate of circuit breaker failure which can result in a fire or shock/electrocution. This Condo also had aluminum wiring. Note the purple wire nuts in the panel used for copper pigtailing.

Home Inspection Highlands Ranch Co. Heat Damaged Shingles

These heat damaged shingles were discovered during a home inspection in Highlands Ranch Co. While they don't look good and will decrease the life expectancy of the shingle they are probably still insurable. They should be monitored annually for further deterioration. This damage was limited to two smaller areas of the roof and may be caused from the sun or excessive heat build up in the attic.

Home Inspection Monument, Colorado / Stairway

Stairway riser discrepancy found during a home inspection in Monument, Co. Residential stairway risers height 4" minimum and 7.5" maximum. with a maximum of 3/8" difference between risers. The top riser in this home was 9" and the other risers were 7.37". This is a safety concern trip hazard and should be corrected.

Home Inspection /Air conditioning

This AC compressor unit was inspected during a home inspection. The fins were completely clogged. This unit would have probably turned into a block of ice. Recommend annual inspection and service by a licensed HVAC contractor.

Furnace Flue Clearance


Double wall Flue Clearance:

If your house has had a new roof recently possibly due to the frequent hail storms we have had you may want to go into your attic and inspect the furnace flue.  Double wall B vent is required to maintain a 1 inch clearance from combustible material.  Sometimes when the roof flashing around the flue is taken loose during the removal of old shingles and installation of new shingles the flue may not be aligned properly in the roof deck opening and minimum clearance can be compromised.

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